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29 April 2012 @ 05:54 pm
Review of "Flying Minds" Repost  
Reposting this here since some people at tf_prime are having issues with omgimages.net
"Lord Megatron, as your physician, I strongly advise against this!"
That was a lot of words for "Don't."
"Dark Energon's regenerative properties are impressive, but the side effects... There's no telling how it'll affect the ship."
"Dark energon courses through my veins..." *eyes suddenly purple*

Did... did the writer of this episode NOT get the memo? Dark Energon was Season One's trick-plot device. God, we're only a minute in, and already I want to punch a nun... *hits resume*

"The Spark-Extractor.... Optimus, are you sure you want to go down this path?"
*snerk* Like he's got the bearings to pull this off? You've said it yourself Ratchet. Every time Optimus even comes close to killing Megatron, he either loses the opportunity or chickens out. Not to mention we're contractually obligated to keep stalling for at least two more seasons. e__e Part of me kind of wants either Optimus or Megz to die, just to see what happens with the series. (IF STARSCREAM DIES THOUGH, I'M RAGE!QUITTING THIS SERIES! ) Will they introduce Rodimus? Will Starscream finally lead the Decepticons? Does earth finally get off their rear and start defending themselves?
You gotta admit, it would be interesting to see which directions they would take without these two, metallic children, bickering over who's the more butt-hurt.
(Don't get me wrong, I love Megz and I actually like the Optimus in this series but, I don't know, I guess I'm running out of patience with them both.)

"Yeesss! I can FEEL it" Mm, sorry Megatron but only the Purple Beastie [Beast Wars Megatron] can get away with saying really long, really lustful "Yeses." XD Good try though. ♥

"Hold on, Prime. If you are going to deploy some kind of super weapon, in a final showdown with the cons, it is my job, as a representative of planet Earth, to bear witness."
...Who the fuck is writing this episode? ANNE RICE? God. Just say, "You're not going without me." You know he never argues with you, Fowler.

"Sweet Lady Liberty!"
Optimus' mind: I knew I shouldn't have let him go to the bathroom first... XD
Also, why did they all transform at once? Shouldn't the trio have already been transformed?

"My own vessel dares to address me in THREATENING TONES?!" *counts off on her fingers* After Starscream, Arachnid and Orion (for the second time, I might add)... It was either this or Soundwave turning on you. Which do you prefer?

"It also seems to be doing a better job of decoding the Project Iacon database than we were... It's already deciphered a new set of coordinates."
"And judging by our current course, that is precisely where the ship is headed."
"As I desire..." *snerk!* I'm sorry, it's just... *sniggers* Does anyone else get their kicks when Megatron goes Starscream on us? It's just too funny.

"You see, this warship is nothing more than an extension of my very will!" Yeeeah. Not even Miko would buy that, Megz.
"YOUR WILL IS NOTHING!" Whu-oh! Looks like Megatron's ego leaked into the computer system...

Awww, Knockout... you do care! X3

Yeesh! O__o; Talk about Access Denied... And am I the only one who found it cute when Soundwave jumped? "Oh shit, he means me!" XD

I just had a flash back to when Rattrap had to battle Sentinel. Ahh, good times. Shame no one on the Nemesis is as 733t as he was.

"Yeep yep... Are you suggesting we just-CALL- Megatron and ask him what's happening up there?!"
*Shrugs all around*

XDD Okay, that's funny. (BTW, did I get the first two bits of Ratchets reaction, right? I can't for the life of me tell what Ratchet says at first.)

Megatron grabs the throttle... (Heh): "This. Mutiny. Ends. Now." *PARALYZED* ....*Heavy sigh* It's Yank first, then gloat. YANK, THEN GLOAT. (Srsly, what are you, new?)

*Human chatter & realizations*
....Anyone else notice that the characters faces seem to... twitch uncontrollably at times? I know they're trying to make these manikins emote but their efforts just makes them appear... not so sane. D: They're doing it for the bots too. God, first they can't lip sync and emote for crap, now they're over doing it. Guys, call up the studio formally known as Mainframe and get some pointers. They might be making nothing but Barbie movies now but at least they can make their characters emote without coming off as psychotic mental patients.

Knockout, paralyzed and slumped over a console.....

So! After the start to that porn novel, the humans infiltrate the nemesis.....annnd... I'll just leave this here. Come up with your own memes. (...Okay, okay! Here!. XD)

Oh the plot bunnies...
Alt comment: Okay, show of hands: How many of you are jealous that they get to climb all over KO?


Somebody get that poor bot a rape whistle...

I love KO's face here. I wonder if he ever looked at Screamer like that. Alt Version

Last and probably most favorite shot of all...

Overall, I was surprised by this episode. It didn't go as I thought it would nor did it come off as forced as it did when Jack had to save Optimus. And thank Primus the writer for toning down Miko's... Miko-ness.

However, I didn't really love this episode either. Too many plot holes, feels rushed, (again,) and I feel like we're backtracking with the Dark Energon schtick. I'm also peeved that we didn't really find out the ships motivations for doing what it did, nor if it was really Trypicon or not. I know it says Nemesis was made from Trypicon in the novels but it would be nice to get confirmation, for once.