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17 November 2011 @ 11:22 pm
SOPA/Protect IP/Internet Censorship Day  
Yesterday, history was made by the amount of users posting online, calling, tweeting and emailing politicians, in protest of the IP Protection/SOPA bill. The numbers were aw inspiring, however, there's still a very large chance that we could still lose.

Despite our numbers and the fact that the bill was shot down yesterday, Hollywood + Government agencies has a lot more people in support of this bill and the bill only lost by six votes. That small number, while a victory, is too small of a victory to warrant us to grow calm and slack with fighting.
Even though support is growing, it has stalled quite a bit and our numbers need to keep growing strong. Otherwise, we will be dismissed like children having tantrums.

Sign the petition(s), send the letter (even if you're not American,) and let America know that we will not sit idly as the internet dies, like all previous forms of media before it.

Sites you should visit:
American Censorship
Whitehouse Petition
Fight For the Future
Save the Internet

Use the zip code "11111" or "20000" to sign petitions.

And even though they haven't mentioned the above drama, OpenMedia has been fighting a similar battle against Canadian ISPs and the Conservative Party who have been trying to police the Northern Side of the internet, while also price gouging Canadian citizens. They deserve your support as well.
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